Broadcasts using Templates

This feature allows you to create and send messages with different types of content to either all of your subscribers or a subset of them based on some targeting criteria.

How to create and send a broadcast?
  1. 1.  Click on ‘Broadcasts’ from the sidebar:
  2. 2.  Click on ‘Create New Broadcast’:
  3. 3.  Select ‘Use Template’ to create a broadcast based on a predefined template or click on ‘Create New         Broadcast’ to create a new broadcast from scratch:
  4. 4.  Select any of the templates you wish to edit/use:
  5. 5.  Edit the broadcast:
  6. 6. Add additional components of different content types:
  7. 7. Click on ‘Reset’ to clear all added broadcast components and start from scratch:
  8. 8. After you’re done editing the broadcast, click on ‘Next’:
  9. 9. Set customer targeting – this allows you to send the broadcast to a subset of customers based on            some criteria such as gender or locale, or you can also use one of your predefined customer lists              created with ‘Segment Subscribers‘ feature:
  10. 10.  Click on ‘Test’ to send the broadcast to only yourself to test how it will look on messenger:
  11. 11.  Click on ‘Send’ to send the broadcast to your subscribers:
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