Customers differ in their priorities and needs. Targeting customers according to their specific requirements means, bringing agility into marketing strategies. Reaching out customers with a one-size-fits-all approach, is obsolete in today’s businesses. It becomes important that we recognize our customer base and their diverging interests. When we know how our consumers’ differ in requirements, we can divide them into groups and target each group with products or deals that are tailored to meet their specific needs.


Segmentation can be done on the basis of traits which are similar among the customers. At the most primary level we can divide them on the basis of demographics: gender, age, location, occupation etc. Then we can attempt to group customers on the basis of their recent or past activities, like their recent purchase, total number of transactions, time spent with customer support, product experience and so on… An effective marketing strategy is truly based on the intelligence we bring into marketing the right product to the right segments of our consumer base.

Using Kibopush to segment customers

Kibopush is a marketing tool and it allows you to send broadcasts, polls, surveys and page updates to your subscribers on messenger. However, what makes it effectual and practical, is its ability to send ‘targeted’ messages to a ‘segmented group’ of subscribers.


There are various ways you can segment subscribers in KiboPush. Firstly KiboPush allows basic segmentation by targeting subscribers on the basis of facebook page, gender and locale.


For more sophisticated targeting, KiboPush enables users to create segmented groups of subscribers, or assign them Tags.

Users can create segmentation lists or groups on the basis of conditions. These conditions can be based on user’s profile: like name, gender, email, profile, phone numbers or locale. And these can also be based on activity: like user’s subscription or user’s response. You can create a list by adding one or more conditions. Let us say, for example, we are looking for all female subscribers who subscribed for our certain page in a weeks time.

If users already have some segmentation for their customers, they can use customer matching tool to import these contacts into Kibopush. Kibopush will send a subscription message to these contacts on facebook using their phone numbers and create a list for them automatically. This list will have all the customers from your contacts who have subscribed to your page on messenger.

We can then send customized messenger updates, in the form of polls, surveys, broadcasts or autopost to these segmented subscribers groups.

One more way in which KiboPush allows you to segment subscribers is by assigning them Tags. Tags are very simple in terms of being created and assigned. You can assign tags to subscribers to highlight or differentiate them and later use these tags to send targeted messenger updates.

So, KiboPush equips you with all these customer segmentation tools that can help you create a focused and cogent marketing strategy for your brand. When customers are getting exactly what they are expecting, you can be confident that your efforts are resulting in the rights directions. Your future plans are also no more unidirectional, that is, same for all consumers. Rather, you can diversify your approach and target customer segments differently in order to optimize your sales and resources.


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