How can KiboPush help grow my business?

By providing a streamlined and effective way of marketing: people are much more likely to view and respond to messenger messages rather than emails, thus increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign compared to traditional methods such as email marketing. By increasing customer interaction: You can create a chatbot with KiboPush allowing your page to respond to all of your customers instantly.

Do I have to connect my facebook account to use KiboPush?

In order for you to connect a particular Facebook page(s), you will have to connect the Facebook account that is an admin of the page you wish to connect.  This could be your own personal Facebook account or another account that you have access to. Only admin and agent accounts on KiboPush can connect Facebook accounts.

Can I connect multiple facebook pages to a single account?

Yes, you can connect as many facebook pages that your account is an admin of.

When I try to connect a page it says “Page is already connected by another user”?

Only one user can connect to a page on KiboPush, so if a page has multiple admins, only one of those admins can connect to that page. If another admin tries to connect the page, they will receive a message saying “Page is already connected by another user”.

Is KiboPush only limited to Messenger only?

Yes, right now we only allow you to broadcast promotions on Facebook Messenger only but later we will be adding support for other platforms as well

What are subscribers in KiboPush?

Subscribers are those users who have opted to receive messenger updates by starting a conversation with your page. All other users will not receive updates.

Does your app expect users to get Facebook Messenger subscribers via some other tool?

No you don’t have to use any external tool to get subscribers. We provide the tools you need to get subscribers.

Will my current page followers automatically become my subscribers?

No, your followers will have to opt in to become subscribers.

How can a person become a subscriber?

Facebook Pages cannot send messages to people without them opting in first. You can opt in (become a subscriber) through several ways:

  • Send a message to the page.
  • Start a conversation with the page via a call-to-action button (such as a get started button)
  • Start a conversation with the page via a third-party plugin such as the Send to Messenger plugin
  • Start a conversation with the page via an ad that redirects you to the messenger page

Can I become a subscriber of my own page?

Yes, you can.

What’s the difference between a page follower and page subscriber?

A page follower is a person who likes your page and gets updates on your public posts. A page subscriber is someone who messages your page and gets private updates via messenger.

Why is it better than just posting to the Facebook page or sending an email?

Facebook Messenger is the new email marketing. You can connect with 1.2 billion people using Messenger. The CTR rates are 4x higher than email marketing.

Can I message all followers of a page?

No, you can’t. This is because Facebook wants to prevent page admins from spamming their users without their consent, so people will have to first subscribe to your page and give their consent that you can message them. They can do that by either messaging your page or by clicking the invite link that we generate for your page when you sign up.

How do I get support in case I have a question that’s not being answered here?

You can email us at Support@cloudkibo.com if you need any help.

Is there a certain size of file that can be uploaded in KiboPush?

Maximum of 25 Mb as set by Facebook

I cannot create a broadcast it says “You have 0 subscribers”?

You need to have at least one subscriber in order for broadcast to work (otherwise your message would be broadcasted to no one, which doesn’t really make sense).

Can I message all my subscribers of all pages at once?

Yes! By default it sends to all subscribers of all pages if no customer segmentation is selected.

Can I message only subscribers of specific criteria?

Yes, this can be done through customer segmentation which allows you to send messages to only people of your specified gender and locale, or if you want more control, customer lists.

I want to have my page have specific responses to certain questions. How can I do that?

You can do this with the smart replies feature.

I want to update my subscribers on public posts. How can I do that?

You can do this with the auto posting feature. For more details visit kibopush.com/auto-posting/

Can I respond to subscribers from right within the application?

Yes, you can do this with live chat. For more details visit kibopush.com/live-chat/

Can I integrate my page to other social media pages, such as Twitter?

Yes, you can do this with auto posting. For more details visit kibopush.com/auto-posting/

What are Templates?

These allow you to create similar types of messages for repeated use. For example, if you plan on sending a greeting message multiple times for new subscribers, you can do so by creating the template for a greeting message, and then next time selecting that template instead of creating it from scratch.

Will my old subscribers still be considered subscribers when I connect a page to KiboPush?

Yes, they will!

Why can’t I connect a Facebook Page?

Check which type of account you have. If you’re an agent, you can’t connect Facebook Pages. For more information visit kibopush.com/user-roles

Does removing a Facebook Page also remove its subscribers?

No, updates won’t be sent to subscribers of the disconnected page, but those subscribers will still exist if you wish to reconnect the page.

I accidentally invited someone. Can I cancel the invitation?

Yes, you can, as long as they haven’t accepted it yet. Go to ‘Invite Members’ from the sidebar, and click on ‘Cancel Invitation’ for the person you wish to cancel the invitation. If they have accepted the invitation, you can go to ‘Members’ from the the sidebar and remove them from your team.

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