So in this article we will discuss how can we build credibility as a Shopify store. I am going to share with you some tips that you can use to add more trust factor to you store. So here you go.

Get a custom domain

So the first thing you want to do is you want to get a custom domain so instead of using which is Shopify’s you know built-in subdomain that you get with every store that you open get a custom domain. You can do this within Shopify or you can buy a domain on a site like and then point that domain to your Shopify store

Store UI and Layout

You want to make sure that you have a somewhat good-looking store. Now design is generally overhyped, however the design and layout of your store isn’t super important but make sure you have a somewhat decent logo decent brand name and a decent Shopify theme and layout don’t mess things up. You don’t have to get it perfect but make sure you don’t have any major flaws in terms of logo brand name and design. Another big factor is to make sure you have no grammar errors or typos or misspelling in your product titles or descriptions. A lot of people who are launching online businesses and try to start to dropshipping are not native english-speaking people. So make sure you get this right if I go to a store and I see there’s a ton of grammar mistakes and typos and stuff like that in the title and description you know that kind of raises some red flags, so make sure you don’t have this in your ad. Right it starts with your Facebook ad I see so many students who run Facebook ads and they tell me oh I’m not getting any results my ad isn’t working and then I take a look at their ad and it is full of typos it has that grammar and by the way having false grammar is against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions so this can actually get you blocked from Facebook, so be careful if you have to get your ad your product descriptions and all of that proof read by someone else you can hire someone on UpWork to do this for you, it won’t cost you a lot of money.

Privacy Policy

another factor is to have a privacy policy terms and conditions and an about Us section on your website right the more transparent you are about things on your store the more information you kind of declare right also regarding shipping you don’t have a section about the shipping times and shipping conditions and shipping costs on your store the more transparent you are about these things the more you can show people you are a serious business and you have everything in place the better you’re gonna do so make sure you have a privacy policy in terms and conditions section and about a section and some page where people can learn about the shipping times and shipping costs having that will really go a long way

Social Proof

Using a plug-in called recent sales notification. So once your store starts producing some sales you can actually supercharge the social proof on your store. Because social proof is a huge sales factor right if I see a restaurant down the street and no one’s sitting in there and I see another restaurant where everyone is standing in line and it’s full its packed guess which restaurant I’m gonna go to? I’m gonna go to the one that is full because this restaurant has social proof, so in my mind I’m thinking that this must be the better choice,because this one is already pre-selected. Social proof is huge. So you can actually create manufacture social proof on your store by using a plug-in called recent sales notification. Now this only works once you start making some sales. So you need to make at least a couple of sales a day for this to work. The way the plugin works is it shows real-time sales notifications on your store to your visitors. So it’s gonna say something like someone in Brooklyn New York just bought this item here 15 minutes ago and then a couple seconds later it’s gonna say someone in Los Angeles Canada just bought this item here 30 minutes ago and it’s just gonna keep popping up right so it seems like people are buying on your store like crazy although the purchases are hours sometimes even days apart because the pop-ups appear every few seconds it creates the impression of a buying frenzy it seems like people are buying right now and it creates massive social proof.

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