Facebook is the best place for most of the marketers across the world because Facebook gives marketers the best way to target their audience. Google Adwords and other advertisement platforms give Keyword targeting feature and on the other hand, Facebook gives the option of targeting on the bases Age, Schooling-level and Employment-Level etc. Facebook has changed the dynamics of targeting customers through different multi-level targeting. With opening of new opportunities for marketers, Facebook has also made marketers confuse on How to target customers effectively? In today’s time, making a campaign is not a difficult task but the optimization leads the game of marketing. Optimization is the key for any successful campaign. Different companies have made different optimization product i.e. KiboPush and Facebook Audience Insight for helping online marketers in getting the highest possible ROI (Return on Investment) on their marketing campaigns. Many times, marketers are not able execute the campaign in the best possible way because of their less effective ways of reach Facebook audience. We have noted down 3 major reasons for not reaching Facebook audience effectively.

1.You are not defining your target audience very well or they are widely defined.


One of the most important things before defining and executing the marketing campaign for your company is defining the Narrow Target Audience (NTA). Defining narrow target audience means that the traits of one’s target audience is clearly very well. Most of the marketers target different groups of people rather than targeting single group of people. On the other hand, target narrowly means defining and targeting the audience on the bases of sub-level targeting. Highly narrow target audience on Facebook drives the conversation and widely defined target audience drives the awareness. Not only this, but also narrowing down the target audience helps marketers in optimization of marketing campaigns more easily. In simple words, highly narrow target audience will cost you lesser compared to widely defined target audience. Narrowly define does not mean it must be the most narrowly defined audience but it means that it should be the in between the widely and the most narrowly define target audience.

2.You are using wrong Ad type

After defining the target audience and marketing goals, one of the most important factor for creating a successful marketing campaign is choosing the right ad type. Choosing a right ad will help the target audience in getting the highest possible level of engagement. But the question is which ad should be used for which task and for which marketing campaign. So, the answer to this is ‘Testing’. Facebook is a machine and that works on different algorithms. Algorithm is a complex piece of code which works on different pre-defined commands. Many times, these algorithms are not able to understand the marketing goals of different campaigns and this makes online marketers to lose money on advertisement without getting any ROI (Return on investment). So, the next step after defining the target audience is the choosing the right ad type.

3.You are not using the right technology to engage your customers

Once ad is created after choosing and selecting the right target audience and right ad type for the marketing campaign then it comes the main role of choosing the right software to create engagement with your narrow defined target audience. One of the best product in the market right now is the KiboPush {LINK: www,kibopush.com}. It is all-in-one Facebook page management tool with some of the amazing features of live chat and broad-casting. Marketers use this software for sending the reminders to the people who have subscribe to their pages. This is Distributive innovation in the world of marketing. With KiboPush {LINK: www,kibopush.com}, marketers can make segmentations of the people who have subscribe to their pages. Creating and sending a message to the customers individually, this product has also solved this problem by creating a feature of sending different messages to different defined set of people. And, one of the most important thing is that it is a FREE tool. Everyone can try this without any restriction of any country.

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