Q.1) Are you an ecommerce business owner?

Q.2) Would you like to increase your online sales by retargeting your current customers?

Q.3) Would you like to promote new products to your customers for free?


If the the answers to above questions is yes, then please go on and read this article further.

In this article I will tell you exactly how you can achieve your above mentioned goals.


You can achieve all the above goals using Facebook Messenger Marketing and get an edge over your competitors. Its ok if you have never heard of Facebook Messenger Marketing before, I will explain you how you can get started.

Q) What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger Marketing allows you to promote your business to your customers and build relationships by sending them broadcasts for Facebook Messenger.

Q) How can this help you?

If your online store has a facebook page, it is highly like that you may get messages from many people asking for information about different products that you sell. You can promote your products to these people by sending them broadcasts regarding your products. Broadcasts are exactly what they sounds like: messages to your followers that engage them on some level by asking a question, sharing an offer, or simply saying, “Hope you’re having a good day today!”. These broadcasts will be going to people you have already messaged you facebook page. Since these people have already shown interest in your business (by messaging you page), it is likely you will see a much higher conversion rate.


Now they question is how you get started with Messenger Marketing and start making more sales. Well fortunately you can use a free tool called KiboPush that allows you to do just that.


You can sign up for KiboPush at http://kibopush.com/

Once you sign up, you would have to follow a guided wizard where you can add your facebook business page. Once you are all setup, whenever someone messages your page, KiboPush will automatically capture their data and they will become the subscriber of your page. Then you can go on and create a broadcast. If you get stuck somewhere you can always take a look at documentation http://kibopush.com/user-guide/ or feel free to ask for help at dayem@cloudkibo.com

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