Invite Using Phone Numbers

Invite Using Phone Numbers
Payment For Customer Matching

This feature allows you to send an invitation message to a list of phone numbers (in CSV format).

Important notes for Customer Matching:
  • Only for U.S-based pages
  • One time fee of $99 to Facebook
  • Customer matching feature must be paid and activated separately for each page
How to reach the Invite using phone numbers section?
  1. 1. Click on the ‘Invite using phone number’ button on the sidebar:
How to send an invite message to phone numbers?
  1. 1. Select the page for which you wish to send invites:
  2. 2. You can click on ‘Enter phone numbers manually’ to input each phone number separated by semicolons, or you can click on ‘ Upload CSV File’ to upload a file with ‘.csv’ extension containing phone numbers of your customers. The file should contain columns ‘names’ and ‘phone_numbers’. The columns should contain the list all the customers’ name and phone numbers respectively:
  3. 3. Type the invitation message you wish to send to the phone numbers:
  4. 4. Click on ‘Submit’ to send your invitation message to the phone numbers:
  5. 5. Click on ‘Reset’ to clear all data that you inputted/uploaded to start from scratch:

Note: Whenever you upload a CSV file in invite using phone number, a list gets created. The content of this list is all the subscribers that came through customer matching using that list. You can then create sublists from this list using Segment Subscribers.

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