Live Chat

Live Chat

This feature allows you to manage all incoming and outgoing messages of all your subscribers.

How to go to Live Chat?

Click on Live Chat from the sidebar:

How to select a chat session?

On the leftmost block are your chat sessions. You can select which subscriber you wish to chat with:

How to sort and filter chat sessions?

You can sort and filter your chat sessions by clicking on the ellipsis shown below:

How to view open/closed chat sessions?

You can view chat sessions that are open or closed by selecting either tab:

How to send and receive messages?

At the middle is your chat message box with the currently selected subscriber. You can send and receive various different kinds of messages here:

How to mark a conversation as done?

You can mark a conversation as done to indicate that you have solved the subscriber’s query:

How to reopen a conversation?

You can reopen a conversation by going to the closed tab (step 4) and selecting the conversation and click on ‘Reopen’:

How to assign a conversation to a team or agent?
Note: Only for team accounts

You can assign a conversation to a particular team or agent (individual) to indicate that it is their responsibility to handle the query. You can either assign a team or an agent (not both) and you can only assign one team or agent at a time:

How to assign tags to a subscriber?

You can assign tags to a subscriber by clicking on ‘Assign Tags’:

How to view a subscriber’s tag?

You can view a subscriber’s tag by clicking on the tag icon: 

How to unsubscribe a subscriber?

You can unsubscribe a subscriber by clicking on ‘Unsubscribe’. The customer will receive a message saying “We have unsubscribed you from our page. We will notify you when we subscribe you again. Thanks." Note: You can resubscribe them later through the subscriber’s page, but the customer will not be able to resubscribe themselves by sending ‘start’ or ‘subscribe’ to your page.  

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