Segment Subscribers

This feature allows you to create a list of segmented customers that you can then use later for targeting purposes.

How to create a segmented customer list?
    1. 1. Go to customers list using the sidebar:
    2. 2. Click on ‘Create Segmented Customers List’:
    3. 3. Select ‘Segment all subscribers’:
    4. 4. Write a list name for this list of customers:
    5. 5. Select a condition:
    6. 6. Select a criteria: 
    7. 7. Write some text. Notice how the condition + criteria + text make up a sentence which will define your list of customers:
    8. 8. You can optionally add additional conditions:
    9. 9. Click on save to save this list:
    10. 10. If you wish to create a new list based on a previous list, select ‘Segment an existing list’:
    11. 11. Choose the list you wish to base your new list on: 
    12. 12. Follow the same steps as creating a new segmented customers list. This list will have the existing list’s condition along with the new conditions.
    13. Note: Whenever you upload a CSV file in ‘Invite Using Phone Number‘, a list gets created. The content of this list is all the subscribers that came through customer matching using that list. You can then create sublists from this list.
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