Survey Templates

This feature allows you to create and send surveys to your Messenger subscribers. You can the see the results in a nice suitable fashion.

How to create a survey?

You need to perform the following steps to create a survey:

  1. 1. Click on surveys from the sidebar:
  2. 2. On Surveys page, click on create survey button:
  3. 3. Click on Use Template. If you want to create a new survey from scratch, click on 'Create New Survey':
  4. 4. Select one of the predefined templates:
  5. 5. Edit the survey to your own liking:
  6. 6. You can add questions by clicking on 'Add Questions':
  7. 7. Set customer targeting – this allows you to send the broadcast to a subset of customers based on            some criteria such as gender or locale, or you can also use one of your predefined customer lists              created with ‘Segment Subscribers‘ feature:8. After you're finished editing the survey, click on 'Create Survey':
  8. 9. Select either 'Send' to send the survey right away, or click on 'Save' to save the survey for later use:
  9. 10. After saving the survey, you can revisit the Surveys page and select various options for each survey. View is for viewing the survey, Report is for seeing the survey results, Send is for sending the survey (can be sent multiple times), and Delete is for deleting the survey from your saved surveys list:
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