Welcome Message

Welcome Message

This feature allows you to create a welcome message, which will be the first message your subscribers will receive after clicking on ‘Getting Started’.

Welcome Message is shown like this:

How to create a Welcome Message?
  1. 1. Click on ‘Settings’ from the sidebar:
  2. 2. Click on ‘Welcome Message’:
  3. 3. Enable the welcome message for the page of your choice:
  4. 4. Click on ‘Edit Message’:
  5. 5. Edit the message:
  6. 6. Add additional components of different content types:
  7. 7. After you’re finished editing the message, click on ‘Save’:
  8. 8. To view a preview of the message go back to welcome message screen from settingsĀ and click on ‘View Message’ for the page you wish to view the welcome message:
  9. 9. Preview message will look like this:
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