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Customer Targeting Using Tags in KiboPush

Customers differ in their priorities and needs. Targeting customers according to their specific requirements means, bringing agility into marketing strategies. Reaching out customers with a one-size-fits-all approach, is obsolete in today’s businesses. It becomes important that we recognize our customer base and their diverging interests. When we know how our consumers’ differ in requirements, we can divide them into groups and target each group with products or deals thatRead more

How to Get Loyal and Highest ROI (Return On Investment) Customers Through Facebook?

We are living in today’s world of Globalization where accessing to the free data and information is probably the easiest thing. Different search engines like Google and Bing have made this easier further by providing the easy to use interface to the customers. In this scenario, different companies face hardships and troubles because customers or the end users can get the both the positive and negative information related toRead more

How to reach effectively through Facebook?

Facebook is the best place for most of the marketers across the world because Facebook gives marketers the best way to target their audience. Google Adwords and other advertisement platforms give Keyword targeting feature and on the other hand, Facebook gives the option of targeting on the bases Age, Schooling-level and Employment-Level etc. Facebook has changed the dynamics of targeting customers through different multi-level targeting. With opening of newRead more