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5 Reasons Why Chatbots & Messenger Marketing Automation Will Improve Your Business in 2018

Today, we will dive really deep into the world of messenger marketing and see how it can generate three times more leads and sales for you than number one traditional email marketing. We are living in the world where data and information is getting transferred very fast. Understanding this trend, marketers have to come up with an idea of creating KiboPush where people can convert cold traffic into theRead more

Why Facebook Messenger Marketing is The Next Big Thing?

Understanding Facebook messenger marketing and Facebook as a marketing channel is a huge right now and if you take advantage of it, you can find yourself with more leads and more sales and if you ignore it, let’s just say that you’ll be missing on a ton of quality customers that would have loved to try your product or service. We are going to tell you why you shouldRead more

How to Get 88% Open Rates and 56% CTRs Using Facebook Messenger

I recently had an experience that changed the way I think of digital marketing. It happened on Facebook. More specifically, it happened on Facebook Messenger. I’m talking about Facebook Messenger bots, also called “messenger bots,” “chat bots” or “Facebook bots.” My colleagues shared with me a recent marketing campaign that they conducted using Facebook Messenger. The metrics convinced me: 88% open rate and 56% click through rate! Sure, I’veRead more