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Guide to Facebook Messenger’s 2020 Changes

How To Do Messenger Marketing After March 4, 2020     Hey Users, Today we will learn that Messenger is making updates to their platform to help businesses deliver relevant, personalized and timely messages to people. Messenger is making these changes to improve the user experience for everyday people (protect against spam and abuse) and drive more effective business outcomes. We know that even though that won’t make aRead more

Sponsored Broadcast

What are sponsored messages ? Sponsored messages are a powerful tool for re-targeting. They allow you to reengage with the audience that you’ve had a past conversation with regardless of the 24-hour standard messaging window. These are the messages that you pay for and they are sent out to everyone who has ever messaged your page. They are an easy and effective way to reconnect with subscribers and openRead more

News Integration in KiboPush

Why should Newspapers use Messenger? Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter let publishers reach the masses. However, there is still a need for media and news outlets to connect with their audience, particularly their younger audience, in a more personal way. A solution to this problem is chatting applications like Facebook Messenger. Advantages to the chat ecosystem include huge, untapped audiences; high engagement through push notifications, and uniqueRead more