User Guide

Autoposting Tweets to Facebook Pages:

The purpose of this feature to autopost tweets and retweets to Facebook pages.  Currently, we have three types of autoposting: Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. Here, This article will discuss Twitter autoposting and provide a way to autopost tweets and retweets to Facebook pages.

Note: We highly recommend that what you post to Facebook doesn’t violate copyright law is to only post content that you’ve created yourself. It’s possible to infringe someone else’s copyright when you post their content on Facebook. If you want to know further please read Facebook documentation.

How to create and Post Autoposting to Facebook Pages?

  1. Click on ‘Autoposting’ from main menu under ‘Automation’
  2. Click on ‘+Add Feed’
  3. Select a channel from Twitter
  4. Enter channel URL and click on Add Account.
  5. If the URL is valid, feed will be connected to KiboPush. So, every time you will update the channel, the post will be broadcasted to your intended subscribers.
  6. Click on Settings for the feed
  7. By default,Selected Action will be “Send tweets to messenger subscribers”.  There are other options which you can select .You need to update Action “Post tweets to Facebook page(s)” or “both”. If you select “Post tweets to Facebook page(s) tweets” it will send only Facebook pages . Else, It will send on Facebook Pages and messenger.
  8. click on save button.
  9. Tweet from twitter account which you connected previous.
  10. The post will be published on your Facebook pages. It might up to take one minute.