User Guide



Auto posting helps you broadcast updates to your subscribers from other information sources (or Feeds) like Twitter, Facebook Pages and WordPress Blogs. You can add Feed links to KiboPush, set Targeting (i.e. Customer Segmentation) for your feeds and view auto posting history.

How to add feed?

  1. Click on ‘Autoposting’ from main menu under ‘Automation’
  2. Click on ‘+Add Feed’
  3. Select a channel from Facebook, Twitter or WordPress
  4. Enter channel URL and click on Add Account.
  5. If the URL is valid, feed will be connected to KiboPush. So, every time you will update the channel, the post will be broadcasted to your intended subscribers.
  6. Click on Settings for the feed
  7. Here you can add account title, set the status to active or disabled and set Targeting (or Customer Segmentation)

How to view autoposting details?

  1. Click on ’History’ of the feed.
  2. Here you can view how many posts have been sent from the channel and how many have been seen by the subscribers. The clicked count shows how many times subscribers engaged with your posts