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Auto posting help users broadcast updates to subscribers from other information sources (or Feeds) like Twitter, Facebook Pages, WordPress Blogs and RSS. Users can add Feed links to KiboPush, set Targeting (i.e. Customer Segmentation) for their feeds and view auto posting history.

Which users will be able to use Autoposting?

Autoposting feature is based on ‘Subscription Messaging’– which are non-promotional messages sent outside the 24-hour standard messaging window. Facebook, according to new messenger platform policy, allows only News Publishers to have subscription messaging permissions. Therefore, pages registered with Facebook’s News Page Index(NPI) will be able to use Autoposting. Click here to register your pages in Facebook’s News Page Index: News Page Index Registration

How to add feed?

  1. Click on ‘Autoposting’ from main menu under ‘Automation’
  2. Click on ‘+Add Feed’
  3. Select a channel from Facebook, Twitter, RSS or WordPress
  4. Select the Page you want to connect Autoposting with. By default all pages having ‘subscription messaging’ rights are selected.
  5. Enter channel URL and click on Add Feed.
  6. If the URL is valid, feed will be connected to KiboPush. So, every time you will update the channel, the post will be broadcasted to your intended subscribers.
  7. Click on Settings for the feed/li>
  8. Here you can add account title, set the status to active or disabled and set Targeting (or Customer Segmentation)


Enhance Auto Posting with Filter and Moderation:

The purpose of this feature in auto-posting to filter and moderate tweets and retweets coming from their connected Twitter auto posting.

1. Filter:

In this feature You can add up to 5 tags to filter the tweets. For example You connected a page CNN and set the filter with these tags: Trump, Biden, President, Election, Elizabeth. Now if CNN’s tweets / retweets contain any of the tags only then the tweet will be sent to messenger audience or get posted on Facebook page. If don’t filter option is selected then all tweets / retweets will be sent.
Dy default this will be set to don’t filter.


  • Click on setting of the feed.
  • Select filter checkbox
  • Add tags
  • Click on save changes button


2. Moderate Tweets:

In this feature you can be able to select ask me first before sending any tweets to messenger and upon approval tweets will be sent on messenger or get posted on Facebook page. By default this will be set to send all tweets without any approval.


  • Click on setting of the feed.
  • Select Ask for approval before sending tweets
  • click on subscriber button
  • Click on send to messenger button
  • Click on save changes button

On messenger it will take permission from selected page whether you want to send tweet. If yes, then it will forward tweets to pages subscribers. else it will not forward.

How to view auto-posting details?

  1. Click on ’History’ of the feed.
  2. Here you can view how many posts have been sent from the channel and how many have been seen by the subscribers. The clicked count shows how many times subscribers engaged with your posts