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Real-Time Data Delivery Using Webhooks in KiboPush

Real-Time Data Delivery Using Webhooks in KiboPush If you’ve ever done any form of backend development, then you’ve probably heard of webhooks and know how useful they can be. As a recap, the main advantage of the webhooks pattern is that your application doesn’t have to make periodic calls to APIs while it’s waiting for changes. Instead, APIs will call your application on a specific endpoint informing that somethingRead more

Best Practices for Business Messaging On FB Messenger

  Communication has greatly changed in the last few years. And is continuing to reform rapidly as more and more businesses are investing in their online presence, which has become absolutely essential in current times. People prefer communication that is more convenient and instantaneous and hence they are shifting from emails and phone calls to SMS and messaging apps. Messenger has taken the lead as a channel for digitalRead more

Guide to Facebook Messenger’s 2020 Changes

How To Do Messenger Marketing After March 4, 2020     Hey Users, Today we will learn that Messenger is making updates to their platform to help businesses deliver relevant, personalized and timely messages to people. Messenger is making these changes to improve the user experience for everyday people (protect against spam and abuse) and drive more effective business outcomes. We know that even though that won’t make aRead more

Sponsored Broadcast

What are sponsored messages ? Sponsored messages are a powerful tool for re-targeting. They allow you to reengage with the audience that you’ve had a past conversation with regardless of the 24-hour standard messaging window. These are the messages that you pay for and they are sent out to everyone who has ever messaged your page. They are an easy and effective way to reconnect with subscribers and openRead more

News Integration in KiboPush

Why should Newspapers use Messenger? Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter let publishers reach the masses. However, there is still a need for media and news outlets to connect with their audience, particularly their younger audience, in a more personal way. A solution to this problem is chatting applications like Facebook Messenger. Advantages to the chat ecosystem include huge, untapped audiences; high engagement through push notifications, and uniqueRead more

Facebook Permissions that KiboPush Needs

When signing up for KiboPush, you will be prompted to give our app several different Facebook permissions. You may be hesitant to provide these permissions, so this blog is here to inform you how we utilize each of them. After you have signed up and verified your email, you will be presented with the following screen:   After clicking on ‘Connect’ for Facebook, you will be presented with theRead more

An overview of Types of Messages on Messenger Platform

KiboPush equips pages and businesses with helpful tools like broadcasts, sequence messaging and livechat which allows them to engage with their subscribers on messenger. Facebook has devised some rules and policies for their messenger platform to ensure that users are not being spammed by business pages. It is important that pages abide by these guidelines  Facebook Messenger Platform Policy, otherwise they can be blocked from the platform. In thisRead more

Facebook Subscription Messaging Policy Change

On August 29th, 2019 Facebook issued a major change to their subscription messaging service. Only Pages that are registered with the Facebook News Page Index (NPI) will be allowed to send non-promotional subscription messages.  Subscription messages are non-promotional messages sent outside the 24-hour standard messaging window. Subscription messaging applies to news content only according the new policy, and must not be used for promotional content, including but not limited to subscription offers, deals, coupons,Read more

Informing Subscribers of What to Expect

Letting your subscribers know what they’ve opted for is incredibly important to building a loyal customer base. So as your first broadcast, send a message indicating what kind of broadcasts they will receive.  For example, if you intend to send daily broadcasts to inform your subscribers of local news, then ideally you should tell them that, as a subscriber of your page, they will receive receive daily messenger updatesRead more

How to import subscribers from other platforms

Many of our users face this problem that they already have subscribers at other places before coming to KiboPush and they want to import them to KiboPush. We have discussed some methods depending on feasibility and cases. If KiboPush is your first bot platform and you want to target those people who messaged you before to your page, then please see method 3. If you are coming from otherRead more