User Guide

Broadcast for Whatsapp


This feature allows you to send broadcast messages to your subscribers which have interacted with your WhatsApp Number with in last 24 hours. You can send engaging content like videos, images, links and files, through broadcast feature.

How to create and send Broadcasts?

    1. Login to
    2. Click on ‘Broadcasts’ from the main menu under ‘Broadcasting’.
    3. Here, you can see all your previously created broadcasts and see how many people those broadcasts were delivered to and how many saw it.
    4. In order to create a new broadcast, Click on ‘+Create New’.
    5. Select a component(s) to send as a broadcast. The available components are Text, Media (image and video), File and Video Link.
    6. After creating your broadcast message, click on Next.
    7. You can further segment your subscribers by specifying targeting criteria.
    8. Click on send to send the broadcast to all subscribers that match your targeting criteria (if any).