User Guide

Canned Responses

Canned responses are predetermined responses to common questions. In LiveChat the agents may insert a canned response from a drop-down menu,  rather than typing the same answer repeatedly. For example, if a support representative at a retail company support team is asked to explain how to return a product or what are the requirements, rather than typing in all the details, the agent may choose the response code from a drop down menu, get it inserted into the live chat. and send it to the user.

How can users create canned responses ?

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Settings from Main Menu
  3. Click on Canned responses
  4.  Click in ‘Create’
  5. Enter Response Code
  6. Enter Response Message
  7. Click on user icon to add personalization
  8. Click on emoticons icon to insert an emoji
  9. Click on ‘Create’ to create a canned response
  10. Click on arrow to view the response message
  11. Click on ‘Edit’ to update a canned response
  12. Click on ‘Delete’ to remove a canned response.
  13. Enter search term to search the canned responses

How are canned response used in LiveChat ?

  1. Go to LiveChat in Main Menu
  2.  Enter ‘/’ in chatbox. Canned messages will be shown in the window
  3.  Select the response code from the drop down menu
  4.  See the response message. You can also customize the message here.
  5.  Send the code to the user.
  6.  Response message will be sent to the user.