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Comment Capture

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Comment Capture

Comment capture is a growth tool feature. It is one of the most powerful tools available for increasing your audience growth on Messenger. With this feature you can respond to comments on your Facebook posts with an automated message from your bot. Once the user replies to the bot, they automatically become a bot subscriber.

How to enable Comment Capture ?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Comment capture under Growth Tools
  3. Click on ‘Create New’
  4. Enter a title
  5. Select a page
  6. Select comment capture scope. There are 2 options. 1) Send comment capture reply to only commentors who are not subscribers. 2) Send comment capture reply to all commentors. The later option is the default one.
  7. There are three options to track comments under Facebook posts.
  8. First option ‘Any Post’ means that the users commenting on any of your posts on the selected Facebook page will receive the auto reply from the bot in the messenger. Turning on the “Any Post” option will enable comment capture to all your Facebook posts.
  9. To enable comment capture for any existing Facebook post, select ‘Existing Post’ option and enter the Post Url
  10. Post url can be obtained form Facebook , by clicking on the timestamp of the post and copying the url from the browser
  11. Under the third option ‘New Post’, a new post can be created that is published on Facebook
  12. Facebook post can be created by adding text and emojis, attaching images/video or Link Urls
  13. Next step is to add the first and second replies that users will see after they comment on your posts
  14. The first reply is a message that will be sent to the commenter through Messenger right after they post a comment
  15. First reply can be a rich message consisting of text/buttons, media or templates. First reply can only have one component. Once you have created the message click on save and back
  16. The second reply is the message that will be sent after customers reply to the First message they received. Second reply can be created using the message builder or a predefined sequence can be assigned to create a tailored experience for the customers
  17. Further in Advance settings, You can set up the feature to reply only if specific keywords are used in a comment
  18. You can also choose not to activate the feature if certain keywords are used in the comment.
  19. You can see your created posts on ‘Comment Capture’ screen
  20. Click on ‘View’ to view comment capture analytics
  21. Click on ‘Edit’ to edit the second reply or change the keywords for a certain post
  22. Click on ‘Delete’ to delete post from KiboPush

Video Posts:

Videos can be a bit tricky sometimes. Facebook provides an ID when you create the video, but as soon as there is one comment in this post, they change the Post ID and we aren’t able to respond to these comments. In order to resolve this issue, you need to follow these steps to create rules for Video Posts:

  1. Open the Video in your Facebook Page;
  2. Post any comments to this video post;
  3. Copy the URL to your comment as in the example below. Right click on the time stamp of the comment and then click on Copy Link Address.The URL should look like this:
  4. Remove the ?comment_id=2800572976628332 part, and use the part as the link in Link Existing Post in our UI.
  5. Done! You’ve got the correct Post ID, now you can delete the comment from your Video to keep it clean.

Comment Capture Analytics

To view the total summary of all your comment capture posts, click on Comment Capture from the Sidebar. In the sreenshot below, you can see the analytics.

  1. Total User Comments mean how many people commented on your page posts.
  2. Total Conversions mean how many people became your subscribers. When people comment on your post, they receive the first reply on their messenger. Now, the people who reply to this first reply on their messenger, they become your subscribers and hence the conversion count increases.
  3. Total Replies Sent means how many people received the first reply after commenting on your page post
  4. Waiting Conversions mean how many people got the first reply after commenting on your page post but have not replied back to that First Reply on Messenger and hence, have not became your subscriber yet.

In order to view analytics of a particular post, click on View beside that post.

Here you can see total user comments, comments removed from FB(if any), total conversions, total replies sent, waiting conversions along with one additional analytic Negative Match. Negative Match is the count of all comments which didn’t receive the first reply from the bot.This could be due to the fact that comment contained some excluded keywords that you had set while configuring the comment capture or its a second/third comment by someone who has already received a bot reply in their messenger and have not replied to it yet. You can see these analytics in the form of a pie chart as well.

Other than that, you can see that post content here.

You can also see the comments on your post. In order to apply filters on comments, click on Apply Filters. 

You can search the comments on the basis of their text and comment date. Click on Apply to apply the filter.

You can export the analytics and comments in a csv file as well.