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Comment Capture

Comment Capture

Comment capture is a growth tool feature which allows you to expand your audience on Facebook. With the help of comment capture users can post on their Facebook Page and set up an auto reply for that post. When someone comments on the post, they will automatically receive that reply from the bot on their messengers. And if they respond to the message, they become subscribers for your page.

How to use comment capture?

  1. Click on ‘Comment Capture’ from the side bar:
  2. To create a new Facebook post, go to ‘+ Create New’:
  3. Choose the page on which you want to post. Create you Facebook post. You can add emoticons to your text and attach an image or a video with it.
  4. Set up an auto reply that commenters of your post will receive on their messengers
  5. You can choose ‘to reply’ only if specific keywords are used in the comments
  6. You can choose ‘not to reply’ if certain keywords have been used in the comments
  7. When you are done, Click on ‘Post on Facebook’
  8. You can see your created posts on ‘Comment Capture’ screen
  9. Click on ‘Edit’ to change the keywords for a certain post
  10. Click on ‘Delete’ to delete post from KiboPush

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