User Guide


KiboPush Dashboard

Dashboard is the first page that you see when you sign into KiboPush. Dashboard visually tracks, analyzes and displays important parameters regarding subscribers and connected pages. It helps augment user’s research for better marketing decisions. KiboEngage and KiboChat dashboard shows information relevant to their respected features.

  1. The first information displayed on Dashboard are the total number of pages a user has on Facebook, his connected pages with KiboPush and total subscribers from all the connected pages.
    • For KiboEngage the last card from right shows the total number of sequences created by the user.
    • For KiboChat the last card from right shows the total number of new messages in live chat which has yet not been seen by admin/agent.
  2. The second piece of information that dashboard displays is the graph showing subscribers growth over time. Subscriber’s information can be filtered based on Page and Days.
    • Subscribes’ shows the total number of customers subscribing to the connected pages.
    • ‘Unsubscribes’ shows the number of customers who have unsubscribed from connected pages.
    • ‘Net Subscribes’ count shows the difference of ‘Subscribes’ and ‘Net Subscribes’.

  3. Next, Page’s activity and subscriber’s response information is displayed. Information can be filtered based on page and days.
    On KiboEngage’s dashboard:

    • Total number of broadcasts sent, and their seen rate by subscribers is shown
    • Total number of polls sent, and their seen and response rate by subscribers is shown.
    • Total number of surveys sent, and their seen and response rate by subscribers is shown.

    On KiboChat’s dashboard:

    • Number of active sessions opened in the live chat and resolve rate for customer queries are displayed. Resolved rate is the number of conversations marked as resolved divided by the total number of sessions.
    • If user has created a bot for the page and it is active, then a metric that shows the number of customer queries answered by bots is displayed. Response rate for bot shows the number of queries replied by bots divided by total queries by subscribers.

  4.  Lastly the graph displays the activity on KiboPush with respect to days selected.
    • KiboEngage displays the number of broadcasts, polls and surveys sent over time.
    • KiboChat displays the number of active sessions over time.