User Guide

Discover Tabs (Beta)

Facebook provides the functionality of Discover Tabs where users can find Messenger bots, featured brands and nearby places. Tab helps discover conversations through categories like entertainment, finance, news, education etc. It is available on the Messenger’s home screen.

For your bot to be viewable using the discover tab, a form needs to be submitted to Facebook. Follow the Link to submit your form.

You can also navigate to the discovery tab settings by following the steps below:

  1. Click ‘Settings’ at the top of your page
  2. Click Messenger Platform in the left column
  3. Click on ‘Jump to Section’ for ‘Discover Settings’


Discover Settings:

Discover settings has the form that needs to be submitted by the user and will be reviewed by Facebook.

    1. In the ‘Overview’ field write a description for your bot which will be used by the Facebook team to evaluate your bot for appearing in Discover tab.
    2. Choose a primary and a secondary category, you want to your bot to be surfaced in.
    3. Write up to 10 comma separated keywords that will be used to index the bot for search.
    4. Choose the language you would like your bot to be surfaced for.
    5. Write brief description of your bot in the ‘Summary’ field, that will be displayed beneath your app name in Discover tab results.
    6. You can revisit the form in Page Settings at any time if you need to update your bot information by clicking on ‘Edit’ button.
    7. Once your form has submitted, you will receive a following message from ‘Messenger Review Team’. Reply to the message, in order to confirm that integration in working.
    8. After submission has been reviewed, your bot will be viewable in the Discover Tab with the details and settings you provided in the submission form.

Check out the FAQ from the Messenger team about the Discover tab for further details or message us directly on