User Guide

Flow Builder

Flow builder is the visual editor of all the messages and associations between them. It is a bird’s eye view of the complete interaction between the bot and the subscriber.  Flow builder helps you build a conversation using flows of message blocks where you can visualize the logic of your interaction with the subscribers. 

How to use Flow Builder ?

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on ‘Broadcasts’ under ‘Broadcasting
  3. Click on ‘Create New Broadcast’ and ‘Select the Page’ 
  4. On the Create Broadcast Screen the default builder that shows up is the ‘Basic Builder’.
  5. Click on ‘Flow Builder’ from the top right corner to switch view.
  6. Click on ‘Add new message block’ to add a message block in the flow 
  7.  Click on ‘Add Component’ to add a component in a message block 
  8. Add a button component in the message. And choose action ‘Reply with a message’ to create a message flow.
  9. Click on ‘x’ to remove a block.
  10. You can create connections right on the canvas by pressing on the connection dot and then selecting a message block.  
  11. Click on message block and drag it to visually adjust flows. 
  12. You can zoom in and zoom out the flow using the respective icons in top right corner  
  13. Click on ‘reset’ to set back the default zoom 
  14. Click on ‘Expand’ to view the message flows on the full screen
  15. At any time, you can switch between Basic Builder and Flow Builder 

Basic builder works really well with single messages, however if you want to a design a conversation using multiple message blocks, flow builder is the appropriate choice.