User Guide

User Roles in Team Account

Invite Members

In KiboPush, you can invite members (based on their email address) to your team. This allows you have additional members who can send broadcasts, surveys, live chat, etc. with the pages connected to your account, allowing for a much larger scale management of Facebook and messenger interactions.

How to invite members?

  1. Click on ‘Organization’ from the dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Invite Members’:
  3. Click on ‘Invite Someone’:
  4. Fill out the below form. Enter the name you want associated with the email address you are inviting. Assign them as either an admin or agent. Admin has the same rights as the buyer (you). Agent has limited rights:
  5. After clicking on Invite, you can then choose to cancel any invitation if it hasn’t yet been accepted:
  6. Once someone accepts your invite, they will be shown in the members section. In the sidebar, under “Organization”, click on “Members”:
  7. You can change the role of a member by clicking on “Make admin” to upgrade the role of a member to an admin if the member is an agent:
  8. You can also downgrade the role of a member to agent by clicking on “Make agent” if the member is an admin: