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Invite Using Phone Numbers

Payment for Customer Matching Feature

Invite Using Phone Numbers

This feature allows you to invite users to subscribe to your page by sending them an sms message.

*Note: This is an experimental feature and it is specific for pages that belong to United States of America (One of the page admins should be from USA). There is a one time fee for each page that you have connected. For further details on how to make the payment, please contact us here.

How to use Invite Using Phone Numbers?

  1. Click on ‘Growth Tools’ and then click on ‘Invite Using Phone Number’:
  2. Select the page that you wish to invite using sms:
  3. You can add phone numbers manually or through a csv file:
  4. If choosing to upload using csv file, the csv file should be in the following format:
  5. Write the message that you wish to be sent to the given phone numbers:
  6. Click ‘Submit’ to send the messages:
  7. If you wish to reset the info provided above, click on ‘Reset’: