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Growth Tool - JSON Ads

Click to JSON Ads

Ads that click to Messenger are Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger Inbox ads that send people into a conversation with your business in Messenger. Businesses can use ads that click to Messenger to start conversations with the users.  This way they can turn the users coming through ads, into subscribers for their Facebook pages.

User Experience:

When the user clicks or taps on the ad, they will be taken to a conversation with the business page in Messenger and receive the message that has been specified as ‘Messenger content’ in the ad.

Click to JSON Ad growth tool in KiboPush, helps user create a custom Messenger Content for the ad. The custom messenger content can have a button with a ‘call-to-action’ which encourages users to engage in conversation with the bot and become a subscriber for the page.

How to set up JSON Ads?

To set up a messenger Ad on Facebook, follow the steps below

  1. Go to Ads Creation.
  2. Select Messages Objective and then click Continue.
  3. Specify Ad Account details.
  4. Specify the audience and budget for your ad set and click continue
  5. Choose Facebook Page and Ad Format (Carousel, Image. Video etc)
  6. Go to the Message Setup section to configure the user experience in Messenger when the ad is clicked
    • Go to Custom Tab, Click the +Create Message Button and then click on JSON tab, manually enter JSON that describes the message.
    • KiboPush growth tool feature help to create a custom message for the users and provide with its JSON code. The JSON code can be copied in the JSON tab.
  7. When you are done finish and confirm to create an Ad.

How to create a custom message with its JSON Code in Kibopush?

  1. Go to Growth Tools in Main Menu and Click ‘JSON Ads’.
  2. Click on ‘Create New’ to create a new JSON Ad.
  3. Choose the page for which you want to create a JSON Ad.
  4. Choose an Ad Title.
  5. Click on Edit Message to create a custom message content for the ad.
  6. You can add up to 5 components in the Opt-In Message.
  7. Make sure you add post back buttons in the Opt-In Message. Without post back button you are at a risk of not getting new subscribers.
  8. To create a post back button. Click on ‘+Add Button’.
  9. Enter a button title and choose ‘Reply with a message’.
  10. Click on Create Message. A new tab will be shown with the title of the button.
  11. Click on the new tab and create a message. This will be a response message shown to the user when he clicks on that button.
  12. Save the message when you are done.
  13. Go back to the Create Messenger Ad Screen and Click Save.
  14. On Saving the message, you can view the setup tab.
  15. The setup tab contains the JSON code for the custom message that you have just created.
  16. Copy the JSON code on Facebook Ads Creation.
  17. Click on Preview to see the message on your messenger.
  18. This is how the messenger content is viewed by the user, who clicks on the Ad. User can click on button to engage with the bot and become a subscriber for your page.