User Guide


KiboAPI is a developer’s platform by KiboPush. It helps developers access the features provided by KiboPush through APIs.

How to access KiboPush APIs?

All kibopush API requests start with ‘’
The next segment of the uri path depends on the type of request.
For example:
‘’ gets the information of the logged in user.

For client application to access KiboPush APIs, following information needs to be embedded in the https headers:
• api_key (the API key)
• api_secret (the API secret)
KIboAPI developer’s platform provides the above credentials. KiboAPI dashboard also helps to manage scope for API access. This can be done by enabling or disabling API access for different KiboPush products.

How to use KiboAPI developer’s platform?

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your KiboPush account credentials
  3. If you do not already have a developer’s account on KiboPush, click on ‘Create Developer Account’ to create one.
  4. Once your developer account is created, you will be redirected to KiboAPI dashboard
  5. KiboAPI dashboard provides the API key and API secret, that will be used to access KiboPush APIs. Any request to be made from client to KiboAPI server( must add api_key and api_secret properties in the http headers.
  6. Click on Reset Credentials to change API key and API secret
  7. Developers can enable or disable access to different KiboPush products using the switch button
  8. Click on Documentation, to view the complete details of APIs by KiboPush.Documentation is available on (