User Guide



KiboLite is a simple way to send broadcast to customers. With the help of this feature users can upload their customers list on KiboLite and send them a rich message using their phone numbers or subscriber Ids in the list. KiboLite also enables customer segmentation i.e. targeting customers based on certain features, to send customized messages.

How to upload customer’s list in KiboLite?

  1. Go to ‘’
  2. Login using your KiboPush credentials
  3. Click on ‘Broadcast’
  4. Select Connected Page
  5. Click on ‘Upload CSV File’
  6. Once you select a CSV, choose to send broadcast using one of the two methods:
    • Use Phone numbers to send a broadcast
    • Use Subscriber Ids to send a broadcast
  7. If you select phone numbers to send the broadcast, message will be sent to the customers having their phone numbers linked with Facebook account. Non-Subscribers of the selected page will receive the message in ‘Message Requests’
  8. After selecting the radio button ‘Use Phone Numbers to send a broadcast’. Choose phone numbers column from the fields in your CSV file
  9. If you select subscriber Ids to send a broadcast, Message will be received by subscribers of the selected page
  10. After selecting the radio button ‘Use Subscriber Ids to send a broadcast’. Choose Subscriber Ids column from the fields in your CSV file
  11. Select other columns and click on ‘Save’. Information from these columns will be saved in customer record.

How to create message in KiboLite ?

Once you have uploaded a CSV file and selected columns for it, you can create a message that is to be sent to your customers.

  1. Go to Create Push Message
  2. Choose the components from the left to create a message
  3. Once you have created your desired message, click on ‘Next’

How to apply customer segmentation ?

To apply customer segmentation, go to ‘Target Customers’ tab. Selecting segmentation is optional. If you do not select any segmentation, the message will go to all the customers who have their phone numbers linked with Facebook.

  1. To apply segmentation, set up conditions.
  2. Choose ‘Select Condition’. Condition includes all the columns in the customers list that you have just uploaded.
  3. Select a criterion: is, contains or begin with
  4. Enter a value to complete the condition
  5. You can add more than one conditions
  6. Click on ‘Save’ once you are done
  7. The created message will go to the customers that match all the set conditions.