User Guide

Landing Pages

What is Landing Page?

It is a growth tool feature which allows you to expand your audience on Facebook. This tool is extremely helpful if you do not have your own marketing website. So, you can use our customisable landing Page to get the visitor to engage with your page on Messenger and become the subscriber of your page.

How to use Landing Page?

  1. Click on “Growth Tools” from the sidebar and from the dropdown, click on “Landing Pages”.
  2. To create a new Landing Page, click on ‘+ Create New’.
  3. Select a page you want to create landing page for and click on Create.
  4. Now this is the first page of your landing page called the initial state. You can customise it by changing the heading and description.
  5. You can change the colors of heading, description and background.
  6. To upload an image, click on “upload image” and select an image to upload.
  7. To change the placement of image, click on the dropdown of image placement and choose an option from there.
  8. To show image in the background, click on “Media Background” radio button.
  9. Click on Next to go to the submitted state of your landing page. This page will be displayed when the user presses the “send to messenger” button.
  10. In submitted state, you can either choose to show a new page when the “send to messenger” button is pressed or you can simply choose to open a url on the “send to messenger” button click.
  11. To show a new page on the “send to messenger” button click, select the “show new message” radio button.  Customise this as you customized the initial state from step 4 to step 7.
  12. To open a url on the “send to messenger” button click, select the Redirect to URL radio button.
  13. Enter the url to open.
  14. You can choose to open this url in the same tab or a new tab.
  15. Click on next to go to the Opt-In Actions.
  16. This is the message that would be sent to the users in their messenger inbox when they click the “send to messenger” button in initial state. Click on the opt-in message.
  17.  Edit the opt-in Message and click on save to save the message.
  18. Click on Back to go back to the landing page screen.
  19. Click on save to save the landing page.
  20. You can view all the Landing Pages on “Manage Landing Pages” screen.
  21.  Click on “Edit” to customize the landing page.
  22. Click on “Delete” to delete a the landing page.
  23. Click on “Preview” to preview the landing page
  24. Click on ‘Setup’ to view the landing page url. 
  25. Copy the url and share it with people to make them subscribers of your page.