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Live Chat

Live Chat

Live Chat helps you go in direct communication with your subscriber. It allows you to manage all incoming and outgoing messages from your subscribers. Customer satisfaction grows manifolds when they know that their query or message will be read and replied instantly.

How to use live chat?

  1. Click on Live Chat from main menu
  2. On the leftmost block you can see all the active or open chat sessions. Click on chat session you want to view.
  3. You can sort your chat sessions by clicking on the ellipsis. Also, you can filter them based on Pages.
  4. The rightmost block indicates which subscriber you’re currently chatting with. You can perform subscriber actions from this window like assigning them user tags or changing their subscription (subscribe or unsubscribe).
  5. In the middle is your chat message box with the currently selected subscriber.
  6. You can send and receive various kinds of messages here.  You can send messages, likes, stickers, gifs and attachments (voice, videos, images or files).
  7. Using the search feature, you can search through a term in the selected chat. Click on the ‘Search icon’, the search window will open. Write your search term and click on ‘Go!’
  8. When you have resolved a customer query or completed a conversation with the client, click on ‘Mark as done’. The chat session will now appear in Closed Tab. Whereas the Open Tab now shows all the unresolved or pending customer queries.

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