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Live Chat

Live Chat

Live Chat helps you go in direct communication with your subscriber. It allows you to manage all incoming and outgoing messages from your subscribers. Customer satisfaction grows manifolds when they know that their query or message will be read and replied instantly.

How to use live chat?

    1. Go to
    2. Click on Live Chat from main menu
    3. On the leftmost block you can see all the active or open chat sessions. A new chat session opens when a subscriber messages your page.
    4. Red flag shows the number of unread messages
    5. The ‘Pending’ flag shows that this customer is waiting for your response
    6. You can sort your chat sessions from oldest on top to newest on top by clicking on the ellipsis.
    7. Also, you can filter chats based on Pages, pending sessions or unread messages.
    8. Click on chat session you want to view.
    9. In the middle is your chat message box with the currently selected subscriber.
    10. You can send and receive various kinds of messages here. You can send messages, likes, stickers, gifs and attachments (voice, videos, images or files).
    11. The rightmost block indicates which subscriber you’re currently chatting with.
    12. You can perform subscriber actions from this window. You can add tags to your subscriber
    13. Click on Custom Fields to set custom field values for the selected subscriber.
    14. For team accounts, you can assign the subscriber to any agent or team. The assigned agent or team will help resolve the query for the selected subscriber
    15. Click on ‘Unsubscribe’ to unsubscribe selected user
    16. Using the search feature, you can search through a term in the selected chat. Click on the ‘Search icon’, the search window will open. Write your search term and click on ‘Go!’
    17.  Click on the ‘Remove Pending Flag’ icon to remove the ‘Pending’ flag from current session.
    18. When you have resolved a customer query or completed a conversation with the client, click on ‘Mark as done’. The chat session will now appear in Closed Tab.
    19. Whereas the Open Tab now shows all the unresolved customer queries.

Zoom Integration

With Zoom Integration with Live Chat, you can create and send Zoom meeting invitations right from Live Chat. This allows you to quickly resolve more complex queries.

How to create and send zoom meeting invitations?

  1. Click on the Zoom Icon:
  2. If you haven’t already integrated Zoom with KiboPush, click on ‘Integrate’. If you already have, you can skip to step 6:
  3. Click on ‘Connect’. You can connect up to 3 Zoom accounts. If you are already logged into to a zoom account, and you wish to connect a new zoom account, first sign out of the signed-in zoom account and then click on connect:
  4. Authorize the App:
  5. Now go back to Live Chat, select any session, and click on the Zoom Icon again:
  6. Select a Zoom account:
  7. Input the topic of the meeting:
  8. Input the agenda of the meeting:
  9. You can also customize the invitation message that will be sent to the subscriber. “[invite_url]” refers to the actual Zoom invitation url that is generated and it is required inside the invitation message:
  10. Click on ‘Create and Invite’:
  11. A countdown will start, and you will be redirected to the zoom meeting in a new tab and the invitation message will be sent to the subscriber:

How to disconnect Zoom Integration from KiboPush?

  1. Go to Settings in KiboChat:
  2. Click on Zoom Integration:
  3. Click on ‘Disconnect’ for the Zoom account you want to disconnect:
  4. You will be redirected to Zoom from where you can uninstall the KiboPush App:
  5. Select the reason for uninstalling and then click on Uninstall:



If you have any issues with integrating or disconnecting Zoom, feel free to contact us via any of our available support channels.

How to request email or phone number in live chat?

You can also request subscribers for their email or phone number using quick replies. This will allow subscribers to easily share their email or phone number with a simple click of a quick reply.

  1. Click on the id card icon:
  2. Select either phone number or email:
  3. You can type a message to send along with your request:
  4. You can select “allow keyboard input” to allow the user to also type out an email instead of just clicking on the quick reply:
  5. You can select “allow skip” to allow the user to skip the question. This adds an additional “skip” quick reply:
  6. Click on send to send the message:
  7. The email or phone number will be saved in the subscriber’s email or phone number custom field, which can be viewed under custom fields for each subscriber: