User Guide

Manage Pages

This feature allows you to manage the different facebook pages that you have connected. It also allows you to connect previously unconnected pages.

How to use Manage Pages?

  1. Click on ‘Manage Pages’ and then click on ‘Pages’:
  2. Click on ‘Connect New’:
  3. Click on ‘Connect’ on any page(s) that you wish to connect to KiboPush, and then click ‘done’ after you’re finished:
  4. You can remove any page you wish by clicking on ‘Remove’ on the respective page you wish to remove:
  5. Click on ‘Invite Subscribers’ if you wish to invite subscribers to your page:
  6. You can share the page on your timeline by clicking on ‘Share Page’:
  7. Click on ‘Copy Link’ if you want to copy the link of the messenger page to send to whomever you wish. Once they message on your page, they’ll be subscribed: