User Guide

Message Components

There are multiple different components that can be sent in KiboPush.


The text component allows you to send simple text messages. You can optionally add a button that can either redirect to a website or subscribe to a particular sequence. You also have the option of referring to the user’s name by clicking on the user icon on the bottom right corner.



The image component allows you to upload any image type. The message will be sent as a simple image.




This card component is for components that have an image, a title to accompany that image, and a subtitle to accompany the title, as well as a button that can redirect to any url. This is an ideal component for products/items.






The gallery component is basically a collection of card components grouped together for easy access to multiple cards in one component. This is the ideal component for a catalog of products/items.




The audio component is for uploading audio files that can be directly played inside Messenger.



The video component allows you to upload a video that will be playable directly within Messenger.




The file component allows you upload document files such as pdf, docx, xlsx, etc. The user then has an option to download the file within Messenger.





This component is basically a vertical gallery.



This component is basically a video/image component, but it has the added functionality of having a button.