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User Guide

Messenger Codes

Messenger Codes (Beta)

Messenger Codes is one of the growth tools’ features and it helps drive offline traffic to your bot. KiboPush helps set up parametric messenger codes, that are great for sticking on offline marketing material like banners, fliers, ads etc. and bring users from real or offline world to interact with you on messenger.

How to set up Messenger Codes?

To set up messenger code for your pages on KiboPush, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Growth Tools -> Messenger Code from Main Menu
  2. In the ‘Messenger Code Generator’ screen, choose the Page for which you want to generate code
  3. Choose a resolution for your code. Resolution should be between (100 – 2000) pixels
  4. Add a ref parameter. The referral parameter will be useful in determining the source of the incoming subscribers. You can choose to have several codes for a page with different referral parameters attached
  5. Click on ‘Request Messenger Code
  6. An image will be generated. Download and Save the generated image (code)


How to scan a messenger code?

Users can scan a messenger code from Messenger’s Scan Code feature

  1. Go to the messenger and activate the camera.
  2. Press and hold in the viewfinder.
  3. Center the messenger code in the circle. Messenger will automatically scan it.

Or you can also scan code by following steps:

  1. Open messenger app on mobile.
  2. Tap on your profile’s image.
  3. Click on ‘Scan Code’ and messenger’s camera will be activated.
  4. Either focus the view finder on the code or open the code image from your gallery. The messenger’s camera will scan it automatically.
  5. Upon scanning the code, messenger will open the conversation with the bot. For new users ‘Get Started’ button will be displayed.

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