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Messenger Codes

Messenger Codes (Beta)

Messenger Codes is one of the growth tools’ features and it helps drive offline traffic to your bot. KiboPush helps set up parametric messenger codes, that are great for sticking on offline marketing material like banners, fliers, ads etc. and bring users from real or offline world to interact with you on messenger.

How to set up Messenger Codes?

To set up messenger code for your pages on KiboPush, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Growth Tools -> Messenger Code from Main Menu.
  2. Click on Create New.
  3. Choose a page for which you want to generate the Messenger Code and click on Create.
  4. Now set the opt-in Message. This is the message that would be sent to users who land on your page in messenger using the QR/Messenger Code. Click on the edit icon to edit this default message.
  5. Edit the message and click on Save.
  6. Click on Back to go back to the previous screen 
  7. Now, click on Save to save this Messenger Code for your selected page.
  8. Click the QR Code to view the QR code that has been generated. Save this image and share it with your fellows to make them subscribers of your page.

How to scan the QR Code?

Users can scan this QR code using their phone’s camera or by downloading a QR Scanner App. When they scan, they will be redirected to your page on Messenger and they will receive the Opt-in Message that you had set.

Now, when the user will reply to this Opt-in Message, they will become the subscribers of your page.

You can view all of the Messenger Code that you have created by going to Messenger Codes from the Sidebar.

Note: You can only create one Messenger Code per page.

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