User Guide

Messenger Ref Urls

What is Messenger Ref Url?

It is a growth tool feature which allows you to expand your audience on Facebook. It is a shareable link that redirects the user to their Facebook page in messenger. This can be used in emails, newsletters, websites to invite traffic from other sources to Facebook. So, whenever a user opens this link, he/she becomes the subscriber of your page.

How to use Messenger Ref Url?

  1. Click on ‘Growth Tools’ from the sidebar and from the dropdown, click on Messenger Ref Url.

2. To create a new Messenger Url for your page, go to ‘+ Create New’.

3. Select a page you want to create url for and click on Create.

4. Click on “Opt-In Message” to edit the message that will be sent whenever someone opens that url.

5. Edit the message and when you are done editing it, click on Save to save this message.


6. Click on “Back” to go back to the previous screen. 

7. Click on “Setup”.

8. Here, you can view the url that is created for your page. Copy this url and share it with people to make them the subscribers of your page.

9. You can also add a Custom Ref Parameter to distinguish where you got the subscriber from. For example, you are creating a Messenger Ref Url to share on a billboard. So, you can set the “Custom Ref Parameter” to “billboard” while creating the Messenger Ref Url. So, whenever someone becomes subscriber by opening this url, the subscriber’s source would be set to this url.

10. Click on “Save” to save this Messenger Ref Url.

11. You can see the source of the subscribers by clicking on “Subscribers” from sidebar.

12. Click on a particular subscriber to view where the subscriber came from.

13. You can view all the Messenger Ref Urls on “Messenger Ref Url” screen.

14. Click on “Edit” to change the opt-in message or custom ref parameter.

16. Click on “Delete” to delete a Messenger Ref Url.