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News Integration

Manual News Integration for News Publishers

Manual News Integration is a feature that primarily targets News Publishers. It is be available for pages which are registered with Facebook’s News Page Index. News pages that do not publish RSS feeds or those who want more control on the news updates that are being sent to subscribers can make use of manual news integration feature.

Using this feature publishers specify news sections and provides news stories in them on daily basis. Subscribers receive daily news from the default and subscribed news sections.

How to set up manual news integrations?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘News Integration’ inside ‘Automations’ in main menu
  3. Click on ‘Add Section’ to create a new news section
  4. Enter the title
  5. Select the status. By default the status of integration is enable
  6. Select the page on which you want to send the news update
  7. Click on the ‘checkbox’ if you want to set this integration as the default one.Subscribers will receive daily news updates from the default new section. There can be only one default section for a single news page.
  8. Click on ‘Save’
  9. To add stories in the news section, click on ‘Update Stories’
  10. Copy the news story web URL and enter it in ‘Story URL’.
  11. You can add up to 10 stories.
  12. Click on ‘Preview In Messenger’ to preview the stories on your messenger.
  13. Click on ‘Save’ to save the stories.
  14. All the subscribers will receive daily news update from the default news section.
  15. Subscribers can click on ‘Show more topics’ to view other topics of the news sections that are connected with this page.
  16. Subscriber can click on any topic to view the news from a particular section
  17. Subscriber can subscribe to any particular topic. News updates from this section will be sent daily to the subscriber
  18. If subscriber decides to unsubscribe from any news topic he/she will not receive further updates from that news section.
  19. Click on ‘settings’ to edit the news section.
  20. Click on ‘Message history’ icon to view the posts that have been sent from this section.
  21. Click on Enable/Disable button to Enable or Disable a news section. If you disabled a news section, daily news update from that section will not be sent to the subscriber
  22. The ‘Message history’ shows the date on which a post was sent from this news section integration.
    • Sent count shows the number of subscribers who received the post,
    • Seen count shows the number of subscribers who saw the post
    • Clicked count shows the number of subscribers who engaged with the post by clicking on it.