Did you know that you can send messages to your subscribers without paying any money to Facebook?

Keep your subscribers engaged with rich messages on a daily basis
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Provide a better experience for your customers by providing them with personalized daily news delivered to them directly through Messenger.Sign Up


Keep your subscribers engaged with daily automated news.

With KiboPush integration with your News Website and Facebook Page, let your readers subscribe to get news from you within their Facebook Messenger inbox so that they never miss another important story.

Daily News Headlines

Send daily news headlines and top stories to your readers at a specified time in their inbox. Let them subscribe to their favourite news sections and receive daily headlines only from those news sections.

Instant Breaking News

Send quick broadcasts to your readers to send them breaking news and important news alerts at any time in their Messenger inbox. Make sure not a single important breaking news is missed from your readers.

The smart way to create news chatbots

You just need to connect your News Website and Facebook Page with KiboPush and setup your news sections. Within few minutes, your news chatbot will be ready and it will automatically read news from your website using RSS and send it to readers on Messenger.

Set up KiboPush

Create an account on KiboPush and connect your Facebook News Page.

Set up News Sections

Set up all the news sections of your news website and connect using RSS feed or insert news manually.

Invite Subscribers

Share your bot with your readers and ask them to subscribe to get news. We have subscription growth tools for this work.

Subscribe to our Health Alert Me news chatbot which sends you daily health news in your Facebook Messenger.