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Persistent Menu

Persistent Menu

Persistent Menu is a guided interaction mechanism for the users on fb messenger. You can create a customized menu for your page by defining its options and various responses on KiboPush. Every time a subscriber taps on one of its options, he will receive an automated response from you on his messenger.

How to set persistent menu?

  1. Click on ‘Persistent Menu’ from the main menu under ‘Manage Pages’.
  2. Select a page that you want to create the menu for.
  3. Click on the first menu input box and change the menu title
  4. Click on the menu item and a popover window will open. From the window you can choose one of the three actions for this menu option.
  5. To predefine a message response for the user, click on ‘Reply with a message’ from the popover window. Then click on ‘Create Message’
  6. Design the message response by selecting components from the left. You can use a combination of these components to create a message that suits your needs. Once you have created your response click on Save. Click on ‘Back’ to the persistent menu screen.
  7. So, every time user will click on this menu, he will receive the automated response message. You can also edit the response later by clicking on Edit Message.
  8. You can also set a web URL for your menu options. So that every time user taps on that option, he will be redirected to the web URL.
  9. To set a web URL, click on the option. Click on ‘Open Website’ and enter a web URL that you want your users to be redirected to and click ‘Done’
  10. To create a hierarchical menu, click on ‘+Add Sub Menu’ or select ‘Open a submenu’ from the popover window.
  11. We can have three levels of hierarchy here. Click on ‘+Add Nested Menu’ to create a nested option for the submenus.
  12. Following the steps above, you can create a menu that’s more suitable for you. Menu will appear on your Facebook messenger page as follows: