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Quick Replies

Quick Replies


Quick replies provide a way to present a set of up to 10 buttons in-conversation that contain a title and optional image, and appear prominently above the composer:

When a quick reply is tapped, the buttons are dismissed, and the title of the tapped button is posted to the conversation as a message.

How to create quick replies?

  1. Add any broadcast message component(s)
  2. Click on ‘Add Quick Reply’:
  3. Enter a title:
  4. Upload an optional image:
  5. You can add actions (up to 10) by clicking on add action:
  6. You can then select from different types of actions to occur when the user taps the quick reply:
    • Reply with a message will send a message:
      • When you click on save, it will create a new message which can be edited by clicking on the newly created message tab (By default, it will be the title of your quick reply):
    • Subscribe to sequence will subscribe the user to the selected sequence:
    • Unsubscribe from sequence will unsubscribe the user from any sequence:
    • Assign tag will assign any tag to a user:
    • Unassign tag will unassign any tag from a user:
    • Set custom field will assign a value to a custom field:
  7. After you’re done creating the quick reply, click on save:
  8. You can edit a quick reply by clicking on it:
  9. You can delete the quick reply by clicking on the red X:
  10. Click on ‘yes’ to confirm deletion of the quick reply or  ‘no’ to close the quick reply: