User Guide

User Guide

Segmentation Using Tags

This feature allows you to segment your page subscribers on the basis of tags. You can assign one or more tags to subscribers in order to categorise them.

How to create and assign tags?

  1. Click on subscribers from the sidebar

2. Select the subscribers you want to assign tags to

3. Click on Assign Tags in bulk

4. Click on Assign Tags

5. To create a tag, write the name of the tag. For example, “new tag” and click on create option “new tag”.

6. To assign a tag, write the name of the tag or click on the dropdown and select the tag you want to assign

7. Click on save

8. You can hover over the tag icon to see the name of the tag

9. You can edit the tags by clicking on Edit Tags

10. To change the name of the tag, click on edit

11. Write the new name and click Save

12. To delete a tag, click on delete

13. To unassign tags, select the subscribers the same way as in step 2 and click on UnAssign Tags

14. Write the name of the tag or select tag from dropdown to remove and click on Save

15. You can also create or assign tags from live chat. To do so, click on Live Chat from sidebar

16. Click on Assign Tags and repeat the steps 5 through 13.

You can use these tags to send broadcasts, polls, surveys and autoposting