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Segmented Subscribers

Segmented Subscribers

Subscriber segmentation is an advance form of targeting customers while sending them broadcasts, polls or surveys. It helps you divide your subscriber base into groups or lists based on some conditions, which is relevant to your marketing or business needs.

How to use Segment Subscribers?

  1. Click on ‘Segment Subscribers’ from main menu under ’Broadcasting’
  2. Here you can view all the lists you have created earlier. Click on ‘+Create Segmented Subscribers List’ to create a new list
  3. You can either create a list from complete subscriber base or create a sub list from an existing list.
  4. If you chose the latter option, select an existing listC:\Users\Sania\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTML8c3acbc.PNG
  5. Name the new list
  6. Set Conditions for the new list. If your list is based on more than one condition chose a joining pattern for the conditions.
  7. Select Condition
  8. Select Criteria
  9. Select a value
  10. Click on ‘+Add condition’ to set another one.
  11. Click on ‘Remove’ to delete any condition
  12. Click on ‘Save’ when you have set your conditions. A list will be created if your conditions are valid and subscribers match those conditions.
  13. Click on Back to view the created List. Click on ‘View’
  14. The list shows all the subscribers that match the condition
  15. Click on ‘Edit’ to change the list name or condition
  16. Now you can use these lists in Targeting options for broadcasts, polls and surveys. So that, the subscribers in this list are going to receive your posts.

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