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User Guide

Smart Replies

Smart Replies (Beta)

This feature allows you to send automated replies to your subscribers. You can set a reply for a particular type of question and when your subscriber asks a similar question, that reply is sent automatically to your subscriber.

How to use smart replies?

  1. Click on ‘Automation’ and then click on ‘Smart Replies’ from the dropdown.
  2. To create a new Bot, click on ‘+ Create New’.
  3. Enter the name of the bot. Select the page you want to assign this bot to and set the status of this bot. Setting the status to active means that this bot will send the replies automatically whenever a similar question is asked on that page.
  4. Click on create.
  5. If you want to set up a politics chat bot, you can use our sample politics template. Simply click on ‘Apply Politics Chat Bot Template’ and edit the questions or answers and then click on ‘Create’ to create the bot.
  6. If you do not want to use the politics template and enter your own questions and answers, click on ‘Add Questions’.
  7. Enter the variations of the questions for which you want to set this chat bot for.
  8. Enter the answer to that questions. So, whenever your subscriber asks a question similar to the questions that you entered in step 6, this reply will automatically be sent to that subscriber and hence, you have answered you subscriber’s query without having to do anything.
  9. To add more variations to the same question, click on ‘Add More’.
  10. In order to add more questions, click on ‘Add Questions’.
  11. Click on create to create the Bot.
    Note: This automated reply will not be sent if agent is having chat with subscribers for past 30 minutes.
  12. You can see your created bot on ‘Manage Bots’ screen.
  13. In order to edit the questions and their answers or to change the status of the bot, or to add more questions and answers, click on the ellipsis in the Actions column and then click on ‘Edit’.
  14. You can view the bot by clicking on the ellipsis and then from the dropdown, click on ‘View’.
  15. To delete a bot, click on the ellipsis and from the dropdown, click on ‘Delete’.
  16. In order to view the subscribers that have asked the question but not received automated reply yet, click on the ellipsis and the click on ‘Waiting Subscribers’.
  17. To view the questions that have not been answered yet, click on unanswered queries from the ellipsis dropdown.

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