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Sponsored Broadcast

What are sponsored messages ?

Sponsored messages are a powerful tool for re-targeting. They allow you to reengage with the audience that you’ve had a past conversation with regardless of the 24-hour standard messaging window.

These are the messages that you pay for and they are sent out to everyone who has ever messaged your page. They are an easy and effective way to reconnect with subscribers and open up the 24-hour window, nurture relationships by providing relevant updates and promotions, and send users into specific flows in your chatbot.

How sponsored broadcast works ?

It is important to remember that sponsored messages can only be sent to users that have messaged your chatbot in the past.  They appear with push notifications and are delivered right to your subscribers’ Messenger inbox.

  • Sponsored Broadcast is basically an integration of Facebook Sponsored Messages into KiboPush, therefore an active Facebook Ad Account with a valid payment method is needed to create a message.
  • Payment method can be added in Ad Account Settings on Facebook.
  • Facebook requires you to be an Admin of the Facebook Page on behalf of which you publish a Sponsored Broadcast.
  • Pricing for a sponsored broadcast would be different depending on the local ad market prices of the country you’re serving ads in.
  • KiboPush has no charges for you to use sponsored broadcast feature. All charges are made by Facebook on impression basis(learn more here).
  • Ad Campaigns and Ad Sets created using Ads Manager are accessible in KiboPush while creating a sponsored Broadcast.

How to create and send Sponsored Broadcast?

There are 4 basic high level steps that we perform to create and publish a sponsored broadcast

  • Select the Ad Account from which sponsored message will be created
  • Select an existing Ad campaign or create a new one.
  • Create a new Ad Set by specifying Ad targeting and budget or select an existing ad set
  • Create the Ad message and publish ad.

Follow the steps below to create a sponsored broadcast from KiboPush

  1. Click on ‘Broadcasting’ from Sidebar. From the sub menu, click on Sponsored Broadcast.
  2. Click on ‘+Create New’.
  3. Select the page for which you want to create this sponsored broadcast and click on Create.
  4. Select an Ad Account from which you want to send sponsored broadcast and click on Next.
  5. You can choose an already created campaign or create a new one.
    1. In order to continue using existing campaigns, please click on “Select existing campaign” and select a campaign.
    2. In order to create a new one, click on Create New Campaign and enter the campaign name.
    3. Click on Next to move to the next step.
  6. You can either choose an existing Ad Set or create a new one.
    1. If you want to use existing Ad Set, please click on “select existing Ad Set” and select an Ad Set.
    2. If you want to create a new one, please click on “create a new Ad Set” and fill all the details.
  7. Click on next to continue.
  8. Now you can create the message that would be sent to the subscribers. Enter the Ad Name
  9. Select the format Text Only or Text & Image for your sponsored message.
  10. Type your message (300 character limit)
  11. Upload a photo if desired (Facebook recommends 1200 x 628 pixels).
  12. You can add quick replies or buttons to your message
  13. Choose an action on your button/quick reply
  14. In order to save your progress, click on save. You will be able to edit this later and this would be visible in you sponsored broadcasts list.
  15. If you are ready to publish this to Facebook, click on Publish.
  16. You can also schedule this sponsored broadcast to published at a later date. So, whatever time you set, it will be published at that time. Simply click on Schedule.
  17. Enter the time and date at which you want it to get published and click on Save.
  18. Status of the Ad created is visible on the table in ‘Status’ column

How to edit and delete Sponsored Broadcast?

  1. If you want to edit an existing Sponsored Broadcast, go to Main Screen of Sponsored Broadcast and click on edit button. 
  2. If you want to delete an existing Sponsored Broadcast, go to Main Screen of Sponsored Broadcast and click on delete button. 

Note: For ad accounts with PKR currency, the lowest bid amount that can be set is Rs. 4000. Any amount less than this will throw “low bid amount” message.

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