User Guide


This feature allows you to manage subscribers of your various connected pages. A user can subscribe to a page by messaging that page.

How to manage subscribers?

  1. Click on ‘Subscribers’ from the sidebar:
  2. To invite subscribers click on ‘Invite Subscribers’:
  3. Select a page for which you wish to invite subscribers:
  4. You can share the page on your timeline by clicking on ‘Share Page’:
  5. Click on ‘Copy Link’ if you want to copy the link of the messenger page to send to whomever you wish. Once they message on your page, they’ll be subscribed:
  6. You can filter and search your subscribers based off multiple different criteria:
  7. You can view specific subscriber details by clicking on that user:
  8. From there, you can unsubscribe that user, assign tags, or subscribe them to a sequence: