User Guide

What are Subscription messages?

Subscription messaging gives a Facebook Page the ability to send regular content to a person on Messenger. Subscription messages are non-promotional messages sent outside the 24-hour standard messaging window.

Under the New Facebook’s Messenger Platform Policy, subscription messaging is available for Pages registered under the Facebook News Page Index (NPI).

Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to usage of the subscription messaging: 

  1. Subscription messaging apply to news content only according the new policy, and must not be used for promotional content, including but not limited to subscription offers, deals, coupons, discounts or content produced by or that promotes a third party (e.g., branded content, affiliate marketing).
  2. The recipient must opt-in to subscription messaging. 
  3. Subscription messages will have limited functionality compared to standard messages. 
  4. If a user responds to a subscription message via an eligible action, the conversation will be considered standard messaging and must comply with standard messaging policies. 

News Content

News spans a range of topics, and can be communicated in different formats and styles. Based on industry standards, Facebook expects publishers to submit news Pages that:

  • Primarily create journalism that reports on current events or timely information, and that is not parody or satire
  • Cite sources for published facts or information
  • Provide transparent information about reporters and editorial staff
  • Include dates/timestamps on published content
  • Primarily publish content that is not user-generated or aggregated from other websites

Why admins need to apply for this?

There are the following reasons why admin need to apply for this: 

  1. Regular updates: The Internet’s most engaging channel and industry news updates are highly valuable to people who are interested in your specialty. 
  2. Trusted source: Through regular content updates, your Page can become a trusted source of information that helps your subscribers learn new things and stay informed. 
  3. Business Enhancement: This level of engaged customer relationship will enhance Your business. Your audience will be reminded of your expertise, and indirectly, your products or services. 
  4. Maintain nurture relationships: Staying in contact with your Messenger audience is a great way to maintain awareness and nurture relationships. 
  5. Provide ton of value: you can provide a ton of value in this type of relationship by publishing and linking to news that impacts them on a personal, professional, intellectual and emotional level. 

What are the steps to apply for this?

Any admin with access to a Page in Facebook’s Business Manager should see the “News Pages” option under the “Registrations” tab in Business Settings. This is where user can begin the process of registering your news Pages. Facebook currently supports registration for English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian-language Pages

Publishers who submit their news Pages need to confirm domain ownership and identity, and follow Facebook’s Community Standards. In order to be eligible for inclusion in the news Page index, Pages must be active in the last 90 days and must link to a functioning website with a verified domain.

Pages that repeatedly share misinformation will not be eligible to register as news Pages. If Facebook’s fact-checking partners find a registered news Page to be repeatedly sharing misinformation, registration for that Page may be revoked.