User Guide

What are Subscription messages?

Subscription messaging gives a Facebook Page the ability to send regular content to a person on Messenger. If you want to send messages to those subscribers who interacted with you more than 24 hours ago, then you need this permission for you Facebook page. Regular content for examples of non-promotional messages that Facebook gives are: 

  1. News: Integration’s whose primary purpose is to inform people about recent or important events, or provide information in categories such as sports, finance, business, real estate, weather, traffic, politics, government, non-profit organizations, religion, celebrities, and entertainment. 
  2. Productivity: Integration’s whose primary purpose is to enable people to manage their personal productivity with tasks, such as managing calendar events, receiving reminders, and paying bills. 
  3. Personal trackers: Integration’s that enable people to receive and monitor information about themselves in categories such as fitness, health, wellness, and finance. 

Usage Guidlines

The following guidelines apply to usage of the subscription messaging: 

  1. Subscription messages cannot contain promotional content that gives daily deals, coupons and discounts, or sale announcements. 
  2. The recipient must opt-in to subscription messaging. 
  3. Subscription messages will have limited functionality compared to standard messages. 
  4. Subscription messaging is only intended for specific use cases. Businesses and developers will need to indicate which use case their experience falls under when they submit their Messenger Platform integration. 
  5. If a user responds to a subscription message via an eligible action, the conversation will be considered standard messaging and must comply with standard messaging policies. 

Why admins need to apply for this?

There are the following reasons why admin need to apply for this: 

  1. Regular updates: The Internet’s most engaging channel and industry news updates are highly valuable to people who are interested in your specialty. 
  2. Trusted source: Through regular content updates, your Page can become a trusted source of information that helps your subscribers learn new things and stay informed. 
  3. Business Enhancement: This level of engaged customer relationship will enhance Your business. Your audience will be reminded of your expertise, and indirectly, your products or services. 
  4. Maintain nurture relationships: Staying in contact with your Messenger audience is a great way to maintain awareness and nurture relationships. 
  5. Provide ton of value: you can provide a ton of value in this type of relationship by publishing and linking to news that impacts them on a personal, professional, intellectual and emotional level. 

What are the steps to apply for this?

The good news is that it’s quick, easy and free to apply for Facebook subscription messaging. I’ll show you how in 2 steps. 

Step 1: Request Subscription Messaging in Facebook Page Settings 

  • Go to Page Setting > Messenger Platform 
  • Under ‘Subscription Messaging’ in the ‘Advanced Messaging Settings’ section, click the ‘Request’ button.

Step 2: Complete the Short 3-Part Application for Subscription Messaging 

  • Select the type of messages your Page will send 
  • then provide a couple of examples of the helpful news blasts sent by your chatbot

As Facebook has a manual review process for subscription messaging. Your request will be reviewed manually. Once your Page has been approved, you’ll see this notice under Advanced Messaging Features: