User Guide


Surveys Using Templates


Surveys is a great marketing tool to gather data to improve customer satisfaction. While polls include sending a simple question, survey allows you to ask multiple questions to help focus on different aspects of your marketing research. This feature allows you to send surveys to your audience which have interacted on your page with in Last 24 hours.

KiboPush allows you to develop surveys, send them to your subscribers and evaluate responses effectively.

How to create and send survey?

  1. Click on ‘Surveys ’ from the main menu under ‘Broadcasting’
  2. Click on ‘+Create Survey’
  3. You can either select to create a survey from scratch or use a template to begin with.
  4. If you choose to create a survey from scratch, you will be redirected to Create Survey screen where you can create your survey by writing a survey title, description and question.
  5. If you chose to create a survey using a template, you will be redirected to Survey Templates screen. Templates can be filtered based on category. Choose one of the templates and click on Edit template.
  6. Here you can edit the survey title, description, questions and responses in the given template to create a customized survey.
  7. On the right window you can select Targeting I.e. Customer Segmentation. Select the segment of customers you would like to send the survey, based on ‘gender’, ‘locale’ or your self-defined customer tags and segmentation lists.
  8. Click on ‘Create Survey’ button to create the survey for all the intended subscribers. You can either send the survey directly or save it for sending it later.

How to evaluate survey?

  1. Once the survey has been sent, you can view it on the Surveys screen. The record shows how many subscribers have received the survey, how many of them has seen it and how many users responded to the surveys.
  2. Survey reports can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Reports’
  3. Reports show survey results in an easy to understand pie chart format.