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SEO Keyword Research Techniques

It’s not 2010 anymore. Keyword research and SEO isn’t as easy as it used to be. So what should you do? I’m gonna share with you how to do keyword research in today’s world of Google. See, Google’s way more tougher to get rankings for versus back in the day when people were like, "Oh my God, I just pop this slider. "I’m now number one for auto insuranceRead more

7 ways you can get traffic on your website

You already know about Google, and you already know about Facebook, but there must be other traffic sources that you can leverage? Today, I’m going to share with you seven untapped traffic opportunities. Quora The first way you can get traffic is through Quora. Go on Quora, find all the people that are typing in questions related to your space. For me, I may go to Quora, type inRead more

3 Tips to rank higher on Google

You want to rank higher on Google. You don’t want to wait years before you get the results. What should you do? I’m going to share with you three unorthodox ways to boost your search engine rankings and start getting results today Tip 1: Buy Digital Real Estate The first tip I have for you is go and buy other properties within your space.It’s expensive, but it’s a greatRead more

5 Tools to drive traffic on your website

Online marketing is hard. How do you increase your traffic? With so many things out there from paid advertising, to SEO, to social media marketing, to content marketing, there’s so many things that you can do, how do you know what ones to leverage first to help you grow your traffic?. In this post I will tell you the 5 tools that you can use to generate more websiteRead more

3 SEO Tips that can help you rank higher

Whether you run an online business and have any sort of online presence, the hardest part is to get people to your website. Getting your website to rank higher on Google can be incredibly hard. However in this article I will tell you three simple and effective SEO tips that you can start using now and improve your Google search rank. Focus on quality content The number one andRead more