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Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Welcome Message is a feature in KiboPush that allows you to create an initial response for when the user presses on “Getting Started” on your messenger page.

How to create welcome message?

  1. Click on ‘Manage Pages’ and then click on ‘Welcome Message’:
  2. Click on the toggle to enable or disable Welcome Message on any particular page:
  3. Click on ‘Edit Message’ for any page to edit the welcome message for that page:
  4. Create the message however you wish. You can add different components of different types.
  5. By default, “Ask for subscriber’s email address and phone number” is enabled. This means that when the user taps on “Get Started” on Messenger, we will send email and phone number quick replies. The Messenger Platform will automatically pre-fill the displayed quick replies with the email address and phone number from the user’s profile information. If you do not wish to ask for subscriber’s email and address and password, simply uncheck the checkbox.
    Note: If the user’s profile does not have a phone number or an email address, that particular quick reply will not be shown.
  6. Once you have made all the desired changes, click on “Save”.
  7. You can later preview the message by clicking on ‘View Message’ for whichever page you wish to view the welcome message.

Messenger Preview

When user opens your page in Messenger, they will be shown this ‘Get Started’ button. On tapping this button, they will be sent the welcome message that you set on our platform and will be asked for their Email Address and Phone Number.