WhatsApp plugin for Shopify Stores

Add customer support WhatsApp Live Chat button, send automated and manual order notifications, abandoned cart recovery messages to customers' WhatsApp
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Add WhatsApp Chat Plugins, WhatsApp Share Buttons and Opt-in Widgets to your shopify store pages and provide supportSign Up

Power of WhatsApp in your E-commerce Store

Sending outbound messages to your customers via WhatsApp was never easier than this. Provide post-sales support to your customers on the platform they spend their time on.


Abandoned Cart Recovery

Send template-based abandoned cart recovery messages to your customers. Recover up to 10% abandoned carts!


WhatsApp CRM

Send order confirmation & delivery updates, ask for feedback or reviews, and engage with your paying customers on WhatsApp


Automated Messages

Fully-automated abandoned cart recovery, order confirmation, and delivery update messages sent via WhatsApp-approved KiboPush automation agent.


WhatsApp Chat Button

Beautiful and elegant live chat button that initiates a chat between you and your customer via WhatsApp


WhatsApp Share Button

Enable your store visitors and customers to easily share your products with their friends on WhatsApp


Business Analytics

Our state of the art analytics helps you understand how much better your business is doing.

SMBs don't need to purchase expensive WhatsApp Business API

Take full advantage of our WhatsApp Business API pre-approved number for sending important notifications to your customers. We will always redirect your customers to your WhatsApp business account for further support.

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Scales for growing business

As your store grows, you can easily switch to your own WhatsApp business API number and get more features such as fully featured chatbot that sells for you and live chat support with multiple agents.

Set up your account

Register and create a KiboPush account to setup the automation

Connect your store

Connect your E-Commerce Store (shopify etc) with KiboPush

Grow your business

Drive better, more personalized experiences that satisfy customers.