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Whatsapp - FlockSend

WhatsApp – Getting Started

With our new feature, ‘WhatsApp – FlockSend’, you can broadcast messages and chat with your WhatsApp contacts. In order to do this, you will need to have a FlockSend account. You can make this account using this website: Once you have the FlockSend account, all you need to do is integrate your FlockSend account with KiboPush.

How to connect FlockSend Account to KiboPush?

    1. Login to
    2. Go to Settings from the Sidebar.
    3. Click on Configuration.
    4. Click on Connect.
    5. Enter your FlockSend Access Token. You can find it here:
    6. Enter your WhatsApp Number with which you want to send messages to your customers.
    7. Click on Submit. With this, your FlockSend Accounts has been successfully integrated with KiboPush.
    8. Now, in order to receive messages that your customers send to your WhatsApp Numbers, you will have to set up the webhook. Go to this link:,
    9. Click on Webhook Setting from the sidebar.
    10. Enter this URL: in Webhook Url field and click on save changes.
    11. Now, whenever a customer sends a message to your WhatsApp Number, he/she will become your subscriber.
    12. Voila! You have completed all the steps required to integrate Flock Send Account with KiboPush.
    13. Simply, select the platform ‘WhatsApp’ from the Header. Now, you are ready to send broadcast messages and chat with your subscribers on WhatsApp.